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Termination of Parental Rights & Adoption

Representing with Respect

There are strict requirements for terminating parental rights and such decision should not be without serious consideration. Parental rights may be terminated by the state through a family’s involvement with the Department of Human Services or by another parent or guardian petitioning the court. A private termination can become costly due to the possibility that the Petitioner may not only pay their attorney fees, but also may be required to pay guardian ad litem fees and the attorney fees for the opposing party whose rights are being sought to terminate. The termination of parental rights can prevent custody issues from unexpectedly arising should an absent biological parent reappear. 

Upon the termination of a parent’s rights or the death of a parent, a child is legally eligible for adoption. An adoption often formalizes legally the emotional bond that has developed between the child and petitioner. A formal adoption provides the adoptive parent with the authority to be informed of medical conditions and authorize medical treatment if needed. It also provides the child with a stable, consistent environment for the child to flourish in.

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