Adoptions And Termination Of Parental Rights

Adoption is a significant legal action. In many of the cases I handle here in Iowa, a stepparent will wish to adopt his or her spouse's child or children. This often formalizes legally the emotional bond that has developed in the relationship, but it is also much more than a family law formality. At Focht Law Firm, I will work as your attorney, help explain the process and help you with the steps you need to take to become a child's legal stepparent.

Don't Be A Legal Stranger

Without a stepparent adoption, you are a "legal stranger" to your spouse's children and without authority to authorize medical treatment or technically even be told what treatment they may need. During the stepparent adoption process, it is necessary to obtain a termination of parental rights of the other biological parent.

This is important, because without it, should something happen to your spouse, their children could be removed from your home and sent to the biological parent or some relative, who may have had little or nothing to do with the children. This can be traumatic for the children and for you.

Stability And Consistency

A stepparent adoption can be difficult in some cases, but while the termination of the other biological parent's rights can seem severe, it can benefit the child by helping them understand the permanence of the new relationship. A stable, consistent environment is beneficial for children.

A formal adoption also allows the child to inherit, prevents custody issues from unexpectedly developing should an absent biological parent reappear, and it makes many routine activities for parents go smoothly, such as signing consent forms for the child and picking a child up at school.

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