After a divorce, you may expect change. Your schedule with your child or children is likely optimized at the time of the divorce. Of course, your life moves on, your children grow and move from one educational level to the next. You may find that a schedule that worked well during elementary school, may not work as well in middle school, as extracurricular activities begin to occupy more of your children's time.

Your schedule may change, as you change jobs, climb the corporate ladder, lose a job or are asked to relocate for your business. I can help you at Focht Law Firm deal with all of these changes. From developing a parenting plan that is designed to be flexible and accommodate change, to returning to court to obtain a formal modification to the various parts of your divorce settlement.

Change Is Assumed

The courts of Iowa presume change is inevitable. This is why custody orders are rarely changed. Custody — the decision-making authority for the children — is rarely modified. Visitation, where the child lives and spends their time, is very modifiable and courts expect that parents will need to move in today's mobile society.


This does not mean it is not complex. If you or your spouse must move out of the school district or out of state, developing a schedule that permits reasonable sharing of parenting time becomes much more difficult. But, it will be necessary. As your attorney, I can work with you to create a schedule that will work for whatever your schedule demands.

Substantial Change

The standard for ordering a modification is a substantial change in circumstance. This can apply to your visitation schedule, child support or spousal support. For issues involving your children, the court will also apply the best interests of the child to any request for a modification. I can explain what these standards mean, how courts interpret them and how they are likely to be applied to your case.

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