The Significance Of Property Division

One of the key elements of any divorce is the property division. Marital property is to be divided according to Iowa law "equitably." But equitable does not mean simply equal. A court is to look at the whole of the marriage in determining what may be equitable in that specific circumstance. At Focht Law Firm, I understand these issues and will explain how the law is likely to apply to your case.

What Is Marital Property?

In addition to dividing the property equitably, a court may have to clarify what property is included in the marital estate. Inheritances and gifts are not included, but this can become a complex question. As your attorney, I will work to present the evidence and arguments that favor your goals and help you achieve the property division that will help you and your family going forward.

Other Important Issues

As your attorney and advocate, I will carefully examine your assets and income and help you determine how they should be divided. From whether keeping a family home is a good idea or even affordable after your divorce, to figuring out the share of retirement income or other property you may be entitled to.

I can help you understand how a smaller sum at retirement may be better than a larger number today, how to think about debts, taxes, insurance, property maintenance to ensure that your property settlement is truly in your best interest.

It is also important to understand that unlike some aspects of your divorce that can be modified, a property settlement is very difficult to change after your case ends. This is why you want a very detailed and careful analysis of all of your marital assets and debts.

Agricultural And Farmland

Working in Iowa, I understand the emotional attachment of people to their land, and at the same time, how a farm or other agricultural assets or property can be the primary economic element of many family's marital estates.

During divorce emotions regarding this asset are likely to run high, and I can help you understand how the law and courts are likely to treat that property and the various options you may have so that you can make meaningful and informed decisions at every step of your case.

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