Protecting Fathers' Rights

Raising children is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when the parents divorce. And for fathers, there are often more challenges from the very beginning of a divorce. There is still a perception that mothers are "better" parents. For a father, working full time, creating a parenting plan that works for your child or children is difficult.

That's where I can help. I'm attorney Kyle Focht, and at Focht Law Firm, I am a strong proponent for fathers' custody and make compelling arguments that ensure the children have the benefit of both their father and mother in their life.

I work with a great many fathers who are undergoing the struggles of life after a divorce. I never minimize the challenges you will face, but know how important it is for you and for your child to have a parenting plan that provides for a viable custody and visitation schedule that ensures you have the maximum amount of time with your children.

Shared Or Joint Custody

Many fathers I work with are very interested in having joint custody of their children. This means they want an equal say in raising the children (decision-making authority) and they want equal time with their children (custody and visitation). Every case is different, but I can help you work toward the goal of being meaningfully involved in your children's lives.

Experienced Help For Fathers' Rights

This is important; every case is different and the experiences of your friends and acquaintances are unlikely to be predictive of your outcome. A large number of my clients are men, and they greatly appreciate my committed advocacy.

I am your representative and your advocate and I work for you and your children's best interest. To be effective, I take the time to learn much about your and your family's life and I use that knowledge to argue for your goals. I understand how to help you develop parenting plans and schedules that will work with your children.

Contact My Firm

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