Parenting Plans And Mediation

Your parenting plan is important. Equally important is how you arrive at the plan you will implement. The parenting plan is important because it will control much of your day-to-day activities as they relate to your children. The parenting plan is where the law meets reality and your family.

And it is important that this plan be arrived at in a low-conflict environment as possible, because you and your child's other parent must live with it for the time your child or children are minors. If they are toddlers, you are looking at more than a decade and half of living with elements of this plan, so it is paramount that it is functional for the life you and your children live. At Focht Law Firm, I can help you achieve that goal.

Keep Control With Mediation

When developing parenting plans, I often assist families with mediation. Courts are very busy places and they like it when parties can develop solutions on their own. I can help you outside of court, in a less expensive and far less stressful atmosphere.

As a certified mediator in Iowa, I understand how to help people work together to obtain a plan they can live with and that builds a foundation for the civil working relationship parents need to maintain to avoid the harmful effects on their children of a stressful and contentious child custody determination.

You Have To Live With This Plan

If you cannot develop a plan that both parents can agree on, you can hire an attorney to go to court and litigate the matter. However, a judge will not have to parent your children, nor will he or she have to deal with your child's other parent. You will.

So a thoughtful and practical parenting plan is essential and will make your life easier. You do not have to like your child's other parent, but you need to develop a working relationship with them that allows your child to thrive. This plan will be your road map that outlines the contours of your future journey with your children.

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