Divorce, child custody, child support and other family law matters are deeply personal. The law itself is supposed to be impartial and impersonal, but it's important for lawyers to treat their clients like the human beings they are, and not just as business opportunities.

At Focht Law Firm, I get to know my clients and understand their stories so that I can help them craft creative solutions to their family law issues.

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I Handle A Full Range Of Family Law Issues

I help clients with many family law matters, including:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Adoption

I also help people with personal injury claims and represent juveniles who have been accused of crimes.

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

Every family is different, and every family law case can require a different approach. Whether it's a divorce, a child custody dispute or some other matter, the best strategy depends upon the exact circumstances and needs of the people involved.

Whenever possible, I help my clients to resolve their disputes through negotiation or mediation. These approaches help avoid the expense and frustrations of traditional courtroom litigation. They can be especially beneficial for parents, because they help preserve some level of cooperation on behalf of the children.

When You Really Need A Litigator

However, there are times when cooperation does not work. If you and the other party cannot agree on anything, when you have been physically abused or when the circumstances demand it, you may need to argue your case before a judge.

I have the skills to forcefully represent my clients in court. Earlier in my career, I served as an attorney for state prosecutors in criminal cases. I understand what is at stake for my clients and I have the skills and experience to fight for them in court.

Get The Representation You Need

For help with divorce, child custody, child support and other family law matters in Council Bluffs, Iowa, call Focht Law Firm at 712-314-5832. You can also contact the firm using email.